1. Autism News Roundup: New Risk Factor, Yelp for Autism, and Early Diagnoses

    As we continue through the holidays of December on our way to the New Year, this week we’re going to take a look a trio of news stories involving the dangers of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), an initiative to build a Yelp-like website for families with members with autism, and the increase of early diagnoses. First up, new research coming from Sweden is suggesting that a mother’s ovaries …Read More

  2. Autism News Round-Up: Tracking Autism and Identifying At-Risk Mothers

    This week two different research teams made headway in their efforts to track the lives of children with autism in addition to developing a new questionnaire to help adults with autism. In addition, a new study has identified young mothers as being at a higher risk for having a child with autism. First up, the National Institute of Health is renewing a previously defunct study that sought to pinpo…Read More

  3. Adults and Autism

    One common question within the autism community is “What happens to adults with autism when they turn 22 and there are no more school programs for them?” This week, we’re going to take a look at some of the institutional and cultural efforts being made to provide adults with autism with the care and support they need. First up, in response to the above question, Jeanine Stanley and Pamela Ha…Read More

  4. Working and Autism: The Case of Julian Muñoz

    As we’ve discussed frequently in this space, one area in autism care that is frequently in need of more support and awareness is that of young adults. After all, with so much focus being placed on earlier and earlier diagnoses and treatment for autism in young children, much of the funding, research, and resources are often directed towards the younger people on the spectrum. However, if a young…Read More

  5. Studies Uncover New Autism Genes

    When we report on genetic research related to autism, it can be easy to get overwhelmed quickly. After all, there are thousands of potential genes that could be associated or have something to do with autism at some level. More so, it seems that every few weeks there’s a new study reporting on new genes, genetic mutations, or genetic relationships that shed fresh light on autism. However, in gro…Read More

  6. Cultural Round-Up: Basketball, Board Races, Meet-Ups, and Apps 2.0

    One of the most exciting and encouraging things about digging through the many local stories from around the country looking at how communities and families are dealing with autism, is the never-ending forms that autism activism and advocacy can take. For example, in Scranton, PA, two rival high school basketball teams are using the cause of raising money for the Northeast Regional Autism Center a…Read More

  7. Gaining a New Point of View: Speaking with Individuals About Eye Contact

    Often in this space, we take the vantage point of those neurotypical individuals who are seeking to better understand the unique challenges and symptoms exhibited by those with autism. And that’s how most people who aren’t physically affected by autism respond to finding out that a loved one has received a diagnosis in a similar way: shock followed by a deep investigation into what it means to…Read More

  8. Why More and More ERs are Adjusting their Protocols to Better Treat Children with Autism

    Going through a monstrous amount of stress is a given when going to the Emergency Room, from the long lines to nurses and doctors who are overwhelmed to the patients themselves, the ER is a perfect recipe for sensory overload for children with autism. In fact, the feeling of stress that comes with going to the ER can be magnified to such a degree for children with autism that it can undermine thei…Read More

  9. Autism and Culture Round-Up: Toys, Broomball, and “The Story of Autism”

    If you do not live in Canada or some of the more chilly and lake-surrounded areas of the Midwest, you might have never even heard of Broomball. The sport, which is particularly popular in Canada, does not exactly demand enraptured viewing, with the majority of the action involving a "pitcher" tossing a heavy and metallic "puck" with members of the teams using brooms to clear the surface of the ice…Read More

  10. Autism and Culture: Adele, Project Lifesaver, and Prodigies

    First up in our weekly recap of autism in culture, international pop star Adele recently brought the dreams of a 12-year-old girl named Emily Tammam with autism to life when she brought her on stage to perform her favorite song. And how did this 12 year-old get so lucky? By simply standing in front of the Manchester venue prior to the show with a sign that read, “It’s my dream to sing with Ade…Read More