1. Better Understanding Autism’s History to Plot It’s Future

    While it might not always have its own section in your local Barnes & Noble, autism as a subject of study and advice has kept hundreds of books on the subject in publication for decades. We've taken a close look at a couple of the more scholarly tracts here—including the work of Temple Grandin and Neurotribes, which we will revisit shortly—as well as lighter, kid-friendly books that seek t…Read More

  2. Autism News Round-Up: B12, Gender Variance, and Low-Cost Services

    In this week's autism news round-up, we scour the web to find the newest and most exciting autism-related news stories, including autism's relationship with gender variance, the role of B12 in autism and schizophrenia, and how a new donation to the University of Northern Texas will help that area's citizens with autism to gain access to the treatment they need. First off, a pharmacist is speaking …Read More

  3. Autism Culture Wrap-Up: The Loving Push, Acoustic Guitars, and Admirable Restaurants

    In this week's look at autism in popular and mainstream culture, we look at a unique new look at how to care for kids wth autism, an event in Ohio that seeks to harness the soft power of acoustic guitars in the name of autism, and a restaurant in England who recently made quite a name for itself sticking up for an employee with autism. First up, long-time autism advocate and author Temple Grandin …Read More

  4. Autism and Culture: Sundance Film Festival

    In taking our weekly surveys of autism and culture, we regularly see the influence of autism on film, art, and technology. This week, we’re looking at two of these areas in particular—film and technology—to highlight a successful documentary that showed at Sundance this year as well as a new autism-focused app designed by a young girl to help her sister with autism. First up, the film Life, …Read More

  5. Autism News Round-Up: Designing Buildings, Education, and Gender

    In this week’s round-up of autism-related news stories, we take a look at what it means to design a building with autism in mind, a young woman setting a course for herself in autism education, and a new study identifying the differences in autism in girls. First up, New York-Presbyterian Hospital is embarking on creating a new Center of Autism and the Developing Brain, which will function as an…Read More

  6. Autism in the Culture: Photography, Video Games, and “Utopia”

    One of the more compelling aspects of surveying news coverage is looking at local news outlets and how they cover autism in their communities. This week we’re looking at one particularly remarkable piece of local news alongside two stories about the roles of photography and video games in capturing and treating autism. First up, in Knoxville, TN, a group of parents have gotten together to create…Read More

  7. Autism Culture Round-Up: Location Apps, Animals and Autism, and Art

    As we continue to take a close look each week at the ways autism manifests in our popular and local culture, we first take a look at the ever-fruitful intersection between autism and technology. Most parents would be quick to admit that if they could track every moment of their child to ensure his or her safety, they would jump at the opportunity. However, for parents of children on the autism spe…Read More

  8. Autism in the News: New Studies Use Genetics to Advance Bold New Hypotheses

    As we do every week, in looking back at the past week in autism news, we found one overriding topic connecting the major autism-related news stories: genetics. Both of the stories that we'll discuss below posits a new theory about how autism interacts with an individual's genes. Whether it be symptoms that had been previously attributed to autism showing up in the genes of the general population o…Read More

  9. How to Shop for a Gift for a Child with Autism

    While there are many wonderful aspects about the holiday, from the lights to the weather to seeing and being with family and friends, let’s not kid ourselves. If you’re under the age of ten, then the holidays can often be about one thing: presents. However, if you have a child with autism, finding the perfect present is a much more nuanced and unique process. After all, trying to create a top …Read More

  10. Autism News Round-Up: Drug Failures, Genetic Mutations, and Autism and Girls

    First up this week in our round-up of the top autism-related news stories making the rounds, the autism research community hit upon a dour note recently when a series of promising drugs that have cropped up over the past five years have repeatedly failed. Just five years ago, researchers thought that a treatment for autism was right down the road due to a number of drugs created to treat the disor…Read More