1. Understanding the Connection Between Savants and Autism

    Music has a way of hitting the heart, touching the soul, and changing a whole person’s life unlike few other forms of art. For Rex Lewis-Clark of Los Angeles, his particular outlet is piano where he belts out the old blues and jazz standards by the likes of Duke Ellington while making the compositional leap to Chopin with ease. Rocking back and forth with equal parts excitement and focused conce…Read More

  2. Using Primates to Better Understand Autism

    While animal testing has been used extensively by autism researchers looking to try out new drugs or to better understand the cause of autism, scientists in China have just made a massive breakthrough by researching monkeys. According to the scientists, they have used genetic engineering to create monkeys with a version of autism. While this new practice could make the process of testing treatment…Read More

  3. Autism in the News: Public Funding, New Genetic Research, and Emotions

    With Autism Awareness Month drawing to a close, this week we take a look at the state of public funding for autism in the U.S. In addition, we look at the largest genetic study of autism that’s about to kick off and the effects of emotions on one man with autism. First up, as we noted in our wrap-up on Autism Awareness Month last year, this time of the year often leads to some introspection amon…Read More

  4. Autism News Round-up: Folic Acid, Autism in Ontario, and Babies

    This week we look at a combination of science-based and policy-based news stories, ranging from the potential danger of folic acid during pregnancy to a heavy debate in Canadian politics to a group of babies who just might help researchers to better understand autism. First up, folic acid is a vitamin that has been traditionally recommended to pregnant women and those who may become pregnant for d…Read More

  5. Autism and Culture Round-up: Social Skills, Theme Parks, and the Royal Ball Run

    In our weekly autism and culture survey, we look at how schools are using the craft of acting to teach social skills in young people with autism, a Florida theme park that is making major changes for its guests with autism, and a royal ball charity that will be raising money as the heat rises all month long. First up, schools across the country are investigating new ways to teach social skills in …Read More

  6. Autism News Round-up: Surgery, Immune Systems, and Handwriting

    This week in our look at how autism is represented in national and local news stories, we look at an article providing guidelines on how to best prepare a child with autism for surgery, a study linking weak immune systems in mothers to increased autism risks, and why children with high-functioning autism possess unusual penmanship skills. Starting with handwriting, a new study is reporting that ch…Read More

  7. Writing the Book(s) on Autism

    As we’ve discussed in this space before, actress Holly Robinson Peete, who came to national attention starring in such TV series as Family Matters and 21 Jump Street, isone of the more recognizable public advocates for autism awareness and activism. What we haven’t discussed is her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. This week we’re going to take a look at what the two of them are …Read More

  8. Autism News Round-up: Social Robots, GABA Activity, and Antidepressants

    After taking a week off due to the holidays, we’re back for 2016 with a trio of recent autism-related news stories that shine light on two potential causal factors behind autism and the creation of a new “social robot” designed to help children with autism learn new skills. Starting with the robot first, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas this year, a company unveiled a new r…Read More

  9. Autism and Culture Round-Up: Anti-Bullying Musical, Mother-Son Teams, and Ball Hockey

    This week in our round-up of autism in popular and mainstream culture, we take a look an anti-bullying musical aimed at youth with autism, a mother-and-son team working to make hospital visits less stressful, and a local ball hockey league that is serving as outreach to a small community's young population with autism.   First up, it's an all-too common experience for children and teens with …Read More

  10. Autism News Round-up: Older Fathers, Telehealth, and Autism in the Workplace

    In our weekly roundup of news related to autism, we take a closer look at why older fathers might pose a higher risk of autism, the role of telehealth training in providing parents with the tools they need as parents to children with autism, and a new study looking at how autism can be a strength in the workplace.   First up, a new study that recently came out has disproved the belief that th…Read More