1. Autism and Culture: Australian Schools, Yoga Studios, and Awesome Kids

    With the Internet more prevalent than ever and smart phones more ubiquitous than desktop computers, more of those special moments in our lives are being captured than ever before. This week we take a look at one of those special moments while profiling a Jersey teen who raised over $10k for autism, cover Australia's "agile" approach to autism, and look at what yoga studios can do for those with au…Read More

  2. Autism and Culture Round-Up: The Colors of Autism, the Imagination Station, and Videos to Watch

    In this week's look back at the intersections between autism and culture, researchers have developed a color system to classify degrees of autism, a new adult autism center had opened in Vermont, and we recap two of the past week's must-see viral videos. First up, in a bit of news that would usually be in our weekly news round-up save for its artistic applications, researchers at the CanChild Cent…Read More

  3. Autism and Culture: Colors, Young Adults with Autism, and the “Quiet Hour”

    In our weekly looks at how autism and culture interact, we regularly look at how art is used by individuals to express emotions and thoughts they are otherwise unable to, the challenges that young adults with autism face upon leaving the school system, and the benefits of movie theaters and airports showing special screenings and making unique arrangements for those with autism. This week, we look…Read More

  4. Autism and Culture: The Voices of Children and Better Airports

    With Autism Awareness Month entering its final week of 2016, the news wire is replete with countless stories of children with autism educating others about the realities of living with autism and we highlight three especially moving letters and speeches. Elsewhere, we take a look at the Atlanta International Airport, which is taking unprecedented steps towards making their airport more accessible …Read More

  5. Autism Culture Wrap-Up: The Loving Push, Acoustic Guitars, and Admirable Restaurants

    In this week's look at autism in popular and mainstream culture, we look at a unique new look at how to care for kids wth autism, an event in Ohio that seeks to harness the soft power of acoustic guitars in the name of autism, and a restaurant in England who recently made quite a name for itself sticking up for an employee with autism.   First up, long-time autism advocate and author Temple G…Read More

  6. Autism and Culture Round-up: Charities Call for Action, Navy Creates Autism App, and Video Games during Autism Awareness Month

    This week, we continue our investigation into the growing market for autism-focused apps and video game initiatives aimed at engaging children and adults with autism while looking at a growing movement amongst autism charities in the UK fighting for better training with public schools to help those better handle and help students with autism. First up, two prominent British autism charities recent…Read More

  7. Autism News Round-Up: The Power of Local News Stories

    Typically during our weekly round-up of the biggest autism-related news stories of the week, we focus on national stories; whether it be new research, a breakthrough in treatment, or tools to reduce its symptoms. We tend to look at national news and overlook the countless local news stories that pop up every week, each often chronicling an effort on behalf of a community to improve day-to-day life…Read More

  8. Autism and Culture: Relationships, Murals, and the “Autism Express”

    Following a similar lead as our weekly news round-up, in celebration of Autism Awareness Month, we are taking a look throughout the month at some of the smaller, less newsworthy stories that are just as important and affecting as the news on Page One. This week, we take a look into the world of dating for adults with autism, a mural that is helping a community to better understand autism, and the …Read More

  9. Better Understanding Autism’s History to Plot It’s Future

    While it might not always have its on section in your local Barnes & Noble, autism as a subject of study and advice had kept hundreds of books on the subject in publication for decades. We've taken a close look at a couple of the more scholarly tracts here—including the work of Temple Grandin and Neurotribes, which we will revisit shortly—as well as lighter, kid-friendly books that seek to…Read More

  10. Autism in the News: Diminished Cancer Rates, Brain Scans, and Backpacks

    First up in our weekly news roundup, a story that stands in direct opposition to one we ran a few weeks back: contrary to a recent report citing increased risk of cancer amongst those with autism, a new study is claiming that individuals diagnosed with autism are 66% less likely to get cancer in their lifetimes. While they do have far more gene mutations that can lead to cancer, experts believe th…Read More