1. Autism and Culture: Adele, Project Lifesaver, and Prodigies

    First up in our weekly recap of autism in culture, international pop star Adele recently brought the dreams of a 12-year-old girl named Emily Tammam with autism to life when she brought her on stage to perform her favorite song. And how did this 12 year-old get so lucky? By simply standing in front of the Manchester venue prior to the show with a sign that read, “It’s my dream to sing with Ade…Read More

  2. Autism News Round-Up: New Words, Optimism, and Patience

    This week we're looking at three new studies that go a long way towards adding much more nuance to our understanding of how children and individuals with autism learn new words and process optimism. Furthermore, we look at a remarkable new study that has developed mice without an autism-related genetic aberration present. First up, a new study out of Ohio State University was released stating that…Read More