1. Autism Academy Curriculum and Instruction Video

    AUTISM.tv is home to some of the leading experts in educating students with autism and providing support to their families. In this brief interactive video with curriculum expert Shannon Mitchell, who is the director of schools for the Autism Academy, she explains the importance of Instructional Strategies and an Individualized Education Plan. Mitchell says, when teaching students with autism, “…Read More

  2. Autism Academy Vocational Work and Life Skills

    AUTISM.tv is featuring expert life skills teacher Leslie Dille for her incredible support in helping students with autism transition from school to work. All schools that educate children with autism need to make sure they have the life skills needed to survive after graduation. During campus involvement, Dille’s students rotate through different workstations learning various office, janitorial,…Read More

  3. TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY – Using Tech Tools Without Losing Sight of General Goals

    By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen Email: Anthony_thigpen@aol.com AUTISM ACADEMY – Special needs educators at the Autism Academy, a school for children with autism, located in Tempe,AZ, are using podcast, robotics, coding, typing, MobyMax, and computers to advance instructional objectives. Classroom technology at Autism Academy campuses encompass all kinds of tools, including PCI reading and math for …Read More