1. Autism in the Workplace

    Part of the goal in providing children with autism the best possible education is to help prepare them to live as comfortable and normal of a life as possible. While the concept of “normal” is always going to be a tricky one, especially for a young adult dealing with autism, it can generally be agreed that one objective is for an individual to realize their goals and achieve them professionall…Read More

  2. Autism and Medication: Finding What Works

    While there are a host of different treatments for helping children with autism to better communicate with their peers and family members along with fitting in with other children, holistic methods such as essential oils and diets are often just part of a greater treatment plan. Ideally, medicines are best used in conjunction with other behavioral therapies, such as Applied Behavioral Analysis and…Read More

  3. Creating a New Space: Autism, Architecture, and Interior Design

    It’s no secret that public and private spaces, events, and classrooms for individuals with autism are designed with particular directions and measures. For instance, in theatres holding autism-friendly presentations, the lights need to be turned up, the sound turned down, and any sudden changes in what’s going on screen or stage need to be slightly edited to mute the abruptness. Thus, it shoul…Read More

  4. Autism News Round-up: Water Pollution, Siblings, and Maternal Infections

    With the heat of summer hitting its peak and starting to break around the country as families get ready for the school year, this week's look at autism in the news highlights three recent studies that look to environmental, genetic, and maternal factors as means to better understanding the possible causes behind autism. We want to provide the best education possible at the Autism Academy, that mea…Read More

  5. Autism News Roundup: Diabetic Diets and a Kitchen Miracle

    This week we’re taking a look at two dietary-based revelations that might shed light on how to better treat autism.   First up, a new study released by Salk Institute scientists puts forth the thesis that symptoms of autism can be reduced in animals that follow a diet similar to that of diabetics seeking to control blood sugar levels. The researchers discovered that when fed diets with a hi…Read More

  6. Why Do Some Children Seemingly Grow Out of Autism?

    Recently a new website/online resource popped up called Spectrum, which bills itself as “the leading source of news and expert opinion on autism research.” The site is a fantastic resource for keeping up on the bleeding-edge of autism research and treatment, but it also has published several attention-getting pieces that look at greater trends in autism. We’re going to look at one article in…Read More

  7. Autism Research Roundup: Sibling and Diagnostic Substitution

    As we tend to like to do here, this week we’re going to take a closer look at two of the news stories making the rounds in relation to the light they both shed on both the effect of age on autism risk and reasons behind the rise in autism diagnoses. First off, the latest study from scientists at a Kaiser Permanente group in California, published in the journal Pediatrics, is putting forth the hy…Read More

  8. Healing Horses

    With fall now officially here, many communities have either already or are currently celebrating the fruit of the summer in county fairs across the country. This means delicious fair food, fun rides, and farmers showing off their prized produce and animals, like pigs, cows, and horses. In past articles, we’ve discussed at length the effectiveness of animals to help children with autism in develo…Read More