1. NEWLY DIAGNOSED? Autism Academy Weighs in on Web-Based Information

    By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen Anthony_Thigpen@aol.com At the Autism Academy, a school for children with autism, we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the best decision for your child. We offer an education for children with autism, however, what happens if you child is newly diagnosed? Read below about autism and how to enhance your child’s education if they have…Read More

  2. Autism News Round-Up: Looking at Local Efforts to Help Children and Families

    Following a week in which news outlets and specialty groups were still dealing with the fallout from the monumental British study that individuals with autism are actually more predisposed to producing original, creative thoughts and ideas, we’ve decided to go from the national and international level of autism-related news to look at some of the many efforts being made in communities across the…Read More

  3. Autism and Culture: On the Canvas and On the Radio

    In our weekly looks at autism in culture, we often find ourselves turning to art as a productive outlet for individuals with autism to communicate with the world at large. This week we highlight a particularly unique Japanese artist who despite his inability to speak has found a voice for himself through his paintings of women. On the other side of the globe, we take a look at a Houston-based DJ w…Read More

  4. Autism and Genetics: Tracing the Pathways Between Genes and the Brain

    While we try to dedicate this space to keeping track of the most significant advancements in autism research, often it can seem like an endless parade of potential answers. After all, as we’ve discussed at length, scientists remain divided along three areas of focus as it relates to the cause of autism, choosing to focus either on neurology, genetics, or environmental factors. Of course, there a…Read More

  5. New Research Points to Better Genetic Understanding of Autism

    As we wrap up 2014 and look towards 2015, one final study from last year has recently shed a new light on better understanding the genetic roots of autism and identifying those individuals most at risk for being diagnosed with autism later in life. While there have been a number of advances in better understanding the neurology and causation behind autism, scientists have long believed that unlock…Read More

  6. How to Deck the Halls for a Child with Autism

    It’s an understatement to say that the holidays come with a fair bit of sensory overload for any individual. From the countless light displays to the Christmas music pouring out of every speaker imaginable, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the holidays.   But for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, these holiday traditions that we take for granted can be all the more dangerous and chall…Read More

  7. Following Your Gut: How The Stomach Might Hold The Key To Unlocking Autism

    While researchers, educators, and advocates have made significant inroads to helping to treat autism in the sixty years since the disorder was first identified, there still remains two crucial questions about a disorder that effects nearly seventy million people worldwide: what is its cause and how can we cure it? A recent article published by researchers at the California Institute of Technology …Read More

  8. New Developments in Autism Research Promises New Paths for 2015

    After looking back at 2014 to see the advances researchers and therapists made last year in the increased understanding and treatment of autism, this week brings a number of recent news items that should be a source of hope for the many families around the world who have a family member with autism. To start, as we observed last year in reviewing a number of the most promising new studies that pro…Read More

  9. This Week in Autism Research: Progress in Neurological and Genetic Studies

    As we’ve repeatedly touched upon in our reporting of the most up-to-date and remarkable breakthroughs in autism research, many scientists these days are looking at either genes or the brain in their search to identify a root cause for autism. And in two recent reports published, it’s becoming clear that in 2015, the future of autism research can be traced back to either genetic mutations or ne…Read More