1. Autism Resources For Parents

    A couple weeks back, we talked about the “stages” that follow a parent or parents learning about an autism diagnosis and the psychological steps parents should consider taking before diving headfirst into the treatment of their child’s diagnosis. As we slowly walk through the steps from learning about a diagnosis to the ways that parents can help both their children and themselves, today we …Read More

  2. Autism and Clothing: Towards a Better-Fitting Future

    When raising a child with autism, it is hardly an overstatement that just about every aspect of life has to be looked at in a new life, be it a child’s diet, education, environment at home, and even the very clothes they wear. One primary issue of children with autism and sensory challenges in general is that they have a greater deal of difficulty in finding clothes that aren’t irritable to th…Read More

  3. Life with Autism: Finding Treatments that Work for You

    As we continue in our journey tracing the steps from learning about an autism diagnosis in the family to learning how to actually live with a family member with autism, one thing should be crystal clear by now: no two parents walk the same path when living with a family member with autism. And so it is with finding the treatment solution that works for you; it’s rare that two treatment programs …Read More

  4. Developing Diagnosis and Treatment Programs for Teens and Adults with Autism

    While therapists’ and doctors’ abilities to more accurately and quickly diagnose autism has increased exponentially over the past couple of decades, there are still many instances in which a teenager or adult does not receive a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder until well into their lives. Often these individuals go through a large part of their life due to the high-functioning nature of t…Read More

  5. New Studies Pushes Gene Research to the Forefront

    As we continue to monitor the latest trends and findings in autism research, we’ve identified that the neurological and genetic approaches as holding the most promise to both understanding the cause of autism and finding a means to a cure, or at least a treatment regimen that can ensure that individuals with autism can lead productive and happy lives in which they are able to communicate and con…Read More

  6. Autism Linked with Higher Intelligence in New Study

    As any person who’s casually perused these pages before has likely found, when it comes to cutting-edge autism research, genetics are by and far away the star of the show as far as researchers are concerned. While recent studies have confirmed that one’s environment can play a minor role in whether one is born with autism, seemingly every day a new study or research paper seems to appear that …Read More

  7. Looking Back at Ten Years of Advances in Autism

    As we’ve discussed in these pages before, Autism Speaks is one of the largest, most prominent, and leading autism science and advocacy organizations in the world. Since it was founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism, Autism Speaks has developed at a rise that is nothing short of meteoric, pairing offline awareness, fundraising, science, and advocacy efforts…Read More

  8. Parenting a Child with Autism After Diagnosis: A Step-by-Step Guide

    As we’ve discussed previously, when a family learns that one of their children has been diagnosed with autism, there is often a necessary period for them to psychologically acclimate to their new reality before diving into researching what the best methods are for treating their child. With more and more diagnoses occurring earlier in a child’s development, today’s parents now often have a l…Read More

  9. Art and Autism: A Look at How the Arts Help People with Autism

    While therapists and researchers have developed numerous types of treatments and best practices for helping individuals with autism to better overcome difficulties with sociability and communication, the arts provide an undefined but reliable source of therapy that can take on a variety of different forms. To better understand how different art forms—ranging from painting to movies to everything…Read More

  10. Newborn Horses Might Offer Clues to Better Understanding Autism

    For some time now, researchers have repeatedly looked to animals to help them improve their understanding of the causes and symptoms of autism that mirror those of humans with autism. For instance, a recent study found that while animals do not analyze their emotions like humans do, they do in fact experience them. This realization has helped a new generation of researchers to explore the relation…Read More