See the information below to enroll your child with Autism into a school to enhance their social skills and learning experience.


To enroll in the Autism Academy for the 2017-2018 school year, please complete the following steps:dreamstime_xxl_6081709

  • Download and complete the enrollment form to the right, and fax to 480-718-8518.
  • Upon receipt of enrollment form, you will be called to set up a scheduled visit.
  • At the visit, there will be a parent/student interview, student observation, and then you will be enrolled if there is room in the program and the student is a good fit for the program. If there is not room in the program, the student will be placed on a wait list.
  • If you are applying for enrollment, there are a few ways to pay for the tuition of the school such as: ESA scholarships, private pay, and tax credit donations as well as we will accept students that qualify for public school placements*. Click here to find out more about tuition options.

*This means the student is in a placement that allows for the school to make this placement based on LRE considerations.