AutismAcademy-840x340ANNUAL TUITION

TUITION DOES NOT INCLUDE: Yearbook, enrollment / re-enrollment fees, field trip costs, before / after school care, transportation, third party payment processing fees, club and activity fees and other school events. Even with scholarships for tuition, some families will have nominal out of pocket expenses.puzzle_enrol_d

Kindergarten half day: $14,250

Kindergarten full day, 1st-8th grades: $28,500

High School: $29,500


There are a variety of scholarship opportunities in Arizona and because of this, most of our students are able to attend Autism Academy with little or no out of pocket cost.  

We are committed to helping parents with the process of finding and applying for funding.   If you have questions or need assistance applying for scholarships, please contact our funding specialist, Kym Wilbur or 480-525-6197.

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts
ESA is administered by Arizona’s Department of Education which is funded by state tax dollars to provide educational options for qualified Arizona students.   The amount of the ESA depends primarily on the child’s disability, as listed in the child’s Arizona public school IEP or MET report.

You can learn more at the ESA website by clicking here: ESA or calling them directly at 602-364-1969

Current families can file their expense reports by clicking here: ESA Expense Report Portal

Student Tuition Organizations
STOs receive tax credit donations from individuals and corporations for the purpose of granting scholarships to eligible students for private school tuition costs. STOs award scholarships under four different programs: The Original, The Switcher / Overflow Tax Credit, The Disabled / Displaced, and The Low Income Corporate. A student may receive a scholarship from more than one STO, however some have limitations and exclusions.