Assistant Director

Jennifer Sevier began teaching in the A+AED middle school program in 2014. She has spent her career working with students who have special needs. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and completed a graduate-level teacher preparation program at California State University, Fullerton. Before earning her teaching certification, Jennifer worked as a paraprofessional for a private high school for students with ASD and neurological disorders. Prior to joining A+AED, Jennifer taught a diverse group of students at public schools in Huntington Beach, CA and Gilbert, AZ. Jennifer’s personal philosophy is that, with the right tools and support, all students can learn and make significant progress. She is experienced in ABA techniques and a firm believer in individualized, multi-sensory instruction. Jennifer lives in Gilbert with her husband and two Chihuahuas (Jack and Milo). Email Me!