1. NEWLY DIAGNOSED? Autism Academy Weighs in on Web-Based Information

    By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen Anthony_Thigpen@aol.com At the Autism Academy, a school for children with autism, we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the best decision for your child. We offer an education for children with autism, however, what happens if you child is newly diagnosed? Read below about autism and how to enhance your child’s education if they have…Read More

  2. Laura Newcomb’s Journey – New Narrative Advancing Education at Autism Academy

    By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen Anthony_Thigpen@aol.com Meet Laura Newcomb, the founder of Autism Academy, a school that provides an education for children with autism. Learn Laura’s journey about how she founded a school for children with autism and how it has excelled beyond her and her family’s dreams. To sign your child up and allow them to receive an education for children with autism, conta…Read More

  3. Understanding Different Behaviors: Stages of Stigmatism, Shame, Embarrassment, and Denial

    By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen Email: Anthony_Thigpen@aol.com The Autism Academy a school for children with autism located in Gilbert, AZ, wants to share Shawn Davis’ story. Shawn Davis is an experienced principal that was clueless concerning her own child’s struggle with autism for 10 years. Despite earning a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Augusta State and a Master’s from C…Read More

  4. How to Prepare Your Child for the School Year

    School is starting back up again soon, so we're going to focus solely on how nerve-wrecking going back to school for any a child with autism and their family can be. Luckily at Autism Academy, we are very accomplished with teaching autistic children and knowing the proper teaching techniques for children with autism. We are a school that focuses on knowing the right pieces of the puzzle for educat…Read More

  5. Autism and Genetics: SPARK, MSSNG, and TBR1

    At Autism Academy, a school for children with autism, the focus is on the most current research in this field. As any person who follows autism-related research, there must be awareness of the genetic analysis that has emerged. Alongside neural research and the studies on environmental factors, the facts that are known about autism have increased. As an institute that focuses on autism education, …Read More

  6. Autism News Round-up: Water Pollution, Siblings, and Maternal Infections

    With the heat of summer hitting its peak and starting to break around the country as families get ready for the school year, this week's look at autism in the news highlights three recent studies that look to environmental, genetic, and maternal factors as means to better understanding the possible causes behind autism. We want to provide the best education possible at the Autism Academy, that mea…Read More