Middle and High School Pathways

  • Academic Pathway provides focus on enriching academic skills within the general education standards utilizing curriculum that is at the instructional level of each student.
  • Functional Pathway provides learning opportunities focused on functional academics and daily living skills to increase independence at school and at home.

Students may utilize options from either pathway by combining courses or by following one single pathway. These programs include electives such as Vocational, Life Skills, Social Skills, Art, Music, and Physical Education classes. Teachers within both pathways instruct based on student ability levels using whole and small group structure.


Read below about the specific teaching techniques for children with Autism in the upper-level school. As a school for children with Autism, the focus is on a broad array of academics that will help the development of each student.


  • Small group and individual instruction with a 1:2 teacher to student ratio for low functioning students and a 1:4 teacher ratio for higher functioning students
  • Daily work on Individualized Educational Plan goals to target their individual needs
  • Students have Art, Music, and PE weekly
  • Daily Social Skill/Life Skill lessons taught
  • Technology tools used in every classroom to meet the needs of each student. Technology tools include: iPads, laptops, Smart Boards, and the latest assistive technology
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Learn more about the upper-level educational curriculum for children with Autism. The concentration is to teach each student academics and incorporate social skills to enhance their development.



Aligned with Arizona standards and follows the Arizona graduation requirements.


  • PCI Program – Research & Evidence-based Reading program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Soar to Success – Research-based reading intervention program for students through middle school who are reading below grade level in a small group model.
  • AGS Exploring Literature – High School based curriculum.
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