Autism Academy for Education and Development specializes in providing education to students with autism, Kindergarten to 12th grade.    Low teaching staff to student ratios are maintained to maximize individual attention as well as address the needs of each student.  At AAED, your child will learn academic content along with Music, Art, PE, Life Skills, and Technology.

Students are engaged with hands-on teachers who provide a multi-sensory approach to learning and real-world experiences.  All instruction is presented in an atmosphere designed for learning, acceptance of others, compassion, and encouragement.


Individualized Instruction That Is Based On ABA And Structured Teaching Model

  • ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides an evidence-based framework for addressing the needs of students with autism within the educational environment.  Our teachers use ABA methodology  in the classroom to reinforce appropriate behavior by utilizing positive behavior supports
  • Structured Teaching Model – Structured technique specialized to the student’s visual processing strengths by organizing the physical structure of the room and providing a visual supply of information about activities

Elementary and Middle School


Students receive differentiated instruction in math, science, language arts, history and social sciences, the arts and physical education. Instruction is provided through a variety of modalities and according to the needs of the students by utilizing specific materials or programs to improve competence in those areas.

The general curriculum is aligned with the state educational standards and modified to the individual student according to their needs.  Instruction is delivered individually, in small groups and in class groupings.

Daily Skills

Our Daily Skills Program gives students the tools and training they need to function with the greatest possible productivity and independence in the community, home, and workplace.  Fundamental skills such as sequencing, following directions,  meal preparation, household tasks, laundry skills are practiced.